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Two dishwashers are better than one

It's simple math, two is greater than one.

Things to pay a premium for

For some items you just have to fork over some extra dough for premium items.

Spend less time chatting online

Wanna get rid of your giant gut and maybe get laid again at some point in your life? Go offline once in awhile.


You wear these things just about every day, and they're most versatile than you think.

Say Yes

Why be a downer in life? You only live once, say yes!

Reasons why you're still single

Still single? You might want to try loosing that gut and maybe getting a job and not living with your mom while your at it.


This exercise is free as in beer, and a great way to start your day.


Piercings are cool, as long as you don't end up looking like a pin cushion.

Movember Guide to Moustaches

When November comes around, it's time to starting growing a new stache!

Meditation for beginners

It's not just a hippie thing anymore, it's great for reducing stress and can help you sleep.