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How to save Money

With the economy in the dumps everybody can use these tips to save money.

How to make small talk

It's one of the most important skills to have when meeting new women, here's a crash course.

How to get rid of hiccups

They're annoying, but there is a cure!

How to be a more efficient asshole

Sometimes you just have to be an ass to somebody. Learn how to increase your douche factor in an instant when needed.


beer... money... women... toys...

Get rid of Acne without medication

Who needs that store bought medication, and besides that's money that you could be spending on liquor!

Don't use an alarm clock

The best alarm clock is your mind.

Clean your place in 10 minutes

Would you rather go to the gas station to use the bathroom? Here's how to clean up your sty of a place in 10 minutes.