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Whitenoise can help you sleep

It's not just for missing cable tv channels.

What to do when you run out of toilet paper?

There are other options than using your hand.

Sock on doorknob

The universal "do not disturb" symbol known by all men.

Real Life Cheat Codes

Why play by the rules when you can get ahead of the game with less effort.

Power Moves

Definition of a bitch-slap: performed when the person is being insubordinate and is used to assert one's authority

Polyphasic sleep

Let's face it, napping is awesome. At the same time sleeping just makes you less productive, why not combine these two concepts.

Paint the room you spend the most time in

You may as well spice up the room you hang out the most in.

Life Lessons

Life is complicated, here are the coles notes to help simplify your journey.

Leases are not legally enforceable

Contrary to popular belief leases are super easy to get out of, both for the tennant and landlord.


These are the things that could make you the next dot-com bazillionaire, write this shit down!