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Things to pay a premium for

For some items you just have to fork over some extra dough for premium items.

Sometimes in life you just have to fork over a few extra dollars for premium goods. We here are the bachelorpedia office say yes to good winter gloves, premium tequilla and decent coffee. We say no to anything coated in fake diamonds, ridiculously overpriced jeans and sun glasses that are purely for fashion.

Coffee, peanut butter, and toilet paper are also totally worth paying more for. The cost difference between cheap coffee, PB and toilet paper and the expensive stuff is marginal, and the upgrade in flavor/pleasure/food enjoyment is quite noticeable.

Other things that you shouldn't cheap out on:

  • underwear
  • car tires (especially if you live in a place where you get snow)
  • matress (you sleep for 1/3 of your life)
  • personal lubricant
  • haircut
  • a nice watch (it will last you a lifetime)
  • a decent pair of shoes
  • exercise equipment
  • computer speakers
  • hair products (vasoline does not work as hair gel)