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Spend less time chatting online

Wanna get rid of your giant gut and maybe get laid again at some point in your life? Go offline once in awhile.

This is a bit hypocritical of us, but do you ever feel like you’ve spent your time well after chatting online? If this was your last day of life, would you hang out on Facebook chat all day? Same goes for Facebook in general. We’re addicted too, but it is a waste of time. Same with MSN and the rest. Alternatives? Trying chatting up the babes in the laundry room, or the haggard-looking shills that are digging through your dumpster. We did. We don't regret it much.

Join a beer-league of some sort whether it's hockey or ultimate frisbee, it doesn't matter. Humans need to socialize, and the need becomes even greater when you're a bachelor.  If you don't get out your gut will start to grow to an epic size, your beard will become and actual beard, and you'll become socially retarded.

So what else can I do?

  • gambling, either with friends or in a casino
  • drinking! both bars and at home will do
  • any kind of outdoor sport, hell even an indoor sport will help get rid of your gut
  • explore the city your live in