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You wear these things just about every day, and they're most versatile than you think.

Sock Laundering

No, we're not talking about moving around stolen socks on the black market, but washing the buggers. Socks have always been a pain in the ass when it comes to doing laundry and sorting them out afterward. Not to mention the pain if you loose or wear out just one sock from a pair, well we have a solution for this...

Except for different colors (i.e. white, black and maybe brown), all of your socks should be the exact same.  Not just in terms of size, shade, shape, but we're talking the pack they come in.  Why the hell would you want to waste time matching up socks when they come out of the dryer.  You've got better things to do like drinking jagermeister or watching an illegal cock-fight.  If you only have one kind of sock you don't even have to pair them up, just shove them in your drawer.

When your socks start getting warn down and a few of them start to get holes, go to wal-mart or costco and buy a mega pack for $20.  Next, THROW ALL YOUR CURRENT SOCKS AWAY!

What else can I do with these things?

Socks are awesome, sure they keep your feet warm on those cold winter days, but they have so many more uses:

  • alerting you roomate that you're shagging in your bedroom and to leave you alone
  • a make-shift air filter and vacuum bag
  • an easy to throw weapon if you put something heavy inside one
  • a hand towel if you're in a pinch
  • a whiteboard eraser
  • a dust cloth, for the 2 times a year that you actually dust your place
  • a puppet (this one is obvious for the pot heads out there)