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Say Yes

Why be a downer in life? You only live once, say yes!

When in doubt, say yes. Positive reinforcement, even in its subtlest form, can have a remarkable effect on your disposition. Example: "Want to go to the liquor store?" "Um…sure!" Feel free to contrast this with another request: "Yes, and then let's do so-and-so." We saw this on t.v. recently and it makes good sense to us.

People who are always negative about everything are usually boring people and tend to eventually run out of friends, because they never have anything positive to say. So if you are always saying no to everything, no only are you probably boring, but there's a good chance that you'll end up alone with 6 or more cats living with you.

There's nothing worse than hanging around with somebody who says no to everything like asking a buddy any of the following questions:

  • can I kick you in the groin?
  • let's rent a car in your name and go off-roading
  • can I pound your girlfriend?
  • drink a liter of diet coke and half a pack of mentos for my entertainment

See, all of those things could be awesome, but when somebody turns into a "Negative Nancy" it's no fun for anybody.  So next time a buddy of yours ruins your fun by saying "No!" just call him Nancy and kick him in the balls anyways.