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Reasons why you're still single

Still single? You might want to try loosing that gut and maybe getting a job and not living with your mom while your at it.

Still single and have no idea why? We don't mean to be harsh or brutal with this list, but it's reality. If you consider yourself to fall into any of the below listed points, then perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your situation and make some changes.

So here's our list of some key reasons as to why you might be lacking that someone special in your life:

  1. you still live in your moms basement
  2. you have a neck-beard
  3. you own a bow staff
  4. you have a fort in your apartment made of empty pizza-boxes
  5. you would rather go to the gas station than use your own bathroom
  6. your biggest asset is your television
  7. you weigh over 300 pounds
  8. you can recite every line of star wars by heart
  9. all of your jokes are one-liners from family guy and southpark
  10. you only wear deorderant for job interviews
  11. you consider skittles part of a balanced meal
  12. you've given your computer a name... a female name
  13. you actually think you look cool walking around downtown with your longboard
  14. you're a pussy - let's face it, girls don't want the "nice guy"
  15. your friends are all assholes