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Piercings are cool, as long as you don't end up looking like a pin cushion.

Piercings are preferred to tattoos. Sexiest we've seen on girls: left nipple ring. Worst: sternum (ouch!) Second-worst: anywhere on the face besides the nose. If you opt for a lip ring, know that it looks like herpes from a distance, and up close it just looks like metal in your lip.  A nose ring on a women where it matches her face and style can be very sexy, usually the smaller the nose ring the better.

As for piercings on guys, traditionally in North America if you had one in your left ear it signified that you're straight, and being in the right ear that you're gay.  In modern times nobody pays too much attention to this, and it's extremely common to see men with both ears pierced.  It suits some men and doesn't suit others at all.  Most men who are in the business world don't have any visible piercings, because it's frowned upon by the "old boys club".  Nipple rings are pretty popular and we've heard that they can be fun when played with by a member of the opposite sex.

If you're a guy, don't get any of the following piercings, as they make you look gay or just plain retarded: belly button, back of the neck, under the lip, cheek, and anywhere on your arms, hand, legs or feet.