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Make your bed

It's something you can do to say that you accomplished something every day, and doesn't make you look like a total slob.

Cronic slacker? Ever have days when you feel like you've accomplished nothing at all?  Go and make your bed.  Even though it's really minor, you'll feel as though you've actually done something today other than eating a can of beans and taking a power-shit.

There are many pros for why you should make your bed, the biggest one is that women dig it, it shows that you have some sort of order in your life which they are attracted to.  Also, it saves you time when actually going to bed, and that's when you least want to make the bed and tuck in the sheets.

Make your bed army style

Have you ever watched movies involving the military? The beds and cots are always made in a prestine manner right? Well, here's how you can make your bed look like it was made up by a drill sargeant.

  1. spread and smooth out the bottom sheet evenly across the bed, this is of course really easy if you have a fitted bottom sheet
  2. spread out the top sheet evenly
  3. tuck in the top sheet with hospital corners
  4. spread out the blanket or comforter
  5. fold the top of the sheet underneath the blanket over the top at the head of the bed
  6. put your pillows on top of the blanket at the top of the bed, with both sides facing the same direction

Make this a routine

Now, we're not saying that you have to make up your bed to be military style every single day, and really, it doesn't matter too much how it looks, but it'll help you sleep better. Something about an even distribution of blanket weight and density will keep you down like a dead person. Except one that’s living. Hopefully