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Halloween costumes that are free

If halloween coming up and you don't have a costume, or the cash to get one, fear not!

As a bachelor you shouldn't have to waste precious drinking and pizza money on something silly like a halloween costume. We think that people who spend a lot of time and any money at all on a halloween costume are crazy. So here are some costumes that you can go as on halloween that won't cost you a penny.

Apple Genius

Put on a blue shirt and some jeans and draw what looks like an iPod on a piece of cardboard with a string going around your neck. Next cut out an apple logo on white paper and use some tape to secure it onto the front of your shirt.

Underwear Model

This is only for the brave, but basically show up to the party wearing nothing but your underwear. Not recommended for those living in Canada or the Northern US.

Hugh Heffner

A classic blachelor halloween costume, make or borrow a cheap pipe from somebody and put on a bathrobe and slippers, done.

One of the guys from Jersey Shore

This one is a lot easier to pull off if you're tanned, but basically put a few ounces of gel in your hair, pluck your eyebrows a bit and put on some clothes that make you look like a total douche and voila!


This one's easy, wear a shirt that has a pocket on it, then stick a toothbrush in the pocket, add some floss if you want to get fancy.

Tom Cruise

This can go multiple ways: As Tom Cruise the pilot, grab a leather jacket, pilots glases and write "Top Gun" on a hat. For the actor look, slick back your hair, wear some really gay looking clothing and add some platform shoes. Lastly for the scientology look, combine the pilot glasses with a shirt that has the words "scientology" or "I <3 L. Ron Hubbard" written on it.

Steve Jobs

Another easy one, put on a black turtle neck, some light blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Prison Escapee

To look like a gang member that just escaped from jail, simply wear some shitty looking old clothes, a bandanna on your head, and draw on a teardrop tatoo just under one of your eyes.

Backwards Man

This is one of the easiest, and doesn't require anything other than what you're wearing. Simply put your clothes on backwards and call yourself 'Backwards Man'.

Static Cling

Simply attach some socks to your shirt with safety pins, and you're instantly static cling.