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They're awesome to hang out on, a great investment and basically essential for any bachelor pad.

Looking for a new place? Don’t even consider a place without a deck or balcony. They’re good for smoking, gatherings and storing garbage on.  They also give you a place to hang Christmas lights on, and possibly rent out as advertising space if you're broke and/or entrepreneurial.

Balconies are a meeting place where you have people over, and it's where the smokers go to hang out, and on a warm night where the party usually ends up.  They can also be the place for childish humor to manifest; one great example is a water balloon slingshot--you would be amazed how far you can fling water balloons off of a balcony.

If you have a dog or cat, it gives them a taste of the outside without fear that they'll escape.  It's also a great place for plants if you have a green thumb. You can store your bicycle or snowboard there without fear that it'll get stolen.


If you are going to only put one piece of furniture on your deck, make it a BBQ. There's almost no point in having such a glorias piece of outdoor architecture if you can't cook raw meat on fire. There are plenty of high quality amazing barbeques out there, but in the end even if you have a cheap one that you picked up at Wal-Mart, it will be more than enough.

Freezer / Fridge

The outdoor deck can also function as a second fridge/freezer if you live in a cold climate. This works well for storing beer whether or not there's a party going on. We don't recommend storing food as wildlife can get into it, and that always ends badly.