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Whitenoise can help you sleep

It's not just for missing cable tv channels.

If you find you have trouble falling asleep at night, try a whitenoise machine or just a simple fan. Either one creates a steady drone of whitenoise that tends to calm the nerves. It’s also cheaper and healthier than sleeping pills/gin/T3s.

In a nutshell, white noise is a constant background noise that your brain gets used to so it doesn't noticeably register. Your mind blocks it out, so you can sleep without noticing it. The constant white noise in the background covers or blocks other noises.

A white noise machine is a device that produces a sound that is random in character, the sounds it creates can range from sounding like a rushing waterfall to wind blowing through trees. Often such devices do not produce actual white noise, which has a harsh sound, but more often pink noise, whose power rolls off at higher frequencies, or other colors of noise.

White noise machines are most effective when placed between you and the noise source. If there is traffic or an airport out the window, then put it between the window and you.