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Sock on doorknob

The universal "do not disturb" symbol known by all men.

This is also referred to as a "doorsock", and is the universal symbol for "somebody is pounding somebody else within this room so please go away".

So, if you're busy with a girl in your room, and you don't have a lock, we recommend the sock-on-the-doorknob approach. It signals to your roommates that they’re not to enter under any circumstances. And if someone wanders into the house who doesn’t know the rules, how inclined are they going to be to touch your sock anyway?

This is most common in roommate situations where the person you share the house/apartment/dorm/etc with are having sexual relations and are requesting that they be left alone. A sock on the door knob makes a quick and easy 'do not disturb' sign. It can in fact be used in hotels too if you can't find the plastic sign in your room.

If you approach a room with a sock on the door knob (or possibily a rubber band), please please please do not knock or otherwise disturb the occupants. Please do not call the occupants on the phone. They obviously have something better to do than see you.

Girls can use this trick too, however be warned that men who just happen to be in your womanly house might think that you're doing some girl-on-girl action, making the doorsock much more effective within a male dwelling.