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Real Life Cheat Codes

Why play by the rules when you can get ahead of the game with less effort.

TURN IT OFF, THEN ON AGAIN: this will fix anything powered by electricity, 90% of the time

STOP STOP PLAY: This button combination will skip previews in movies and go strait to the feature presentation

RIDING A BICYCLE can save you a lot of money on parking, gas, medical bills, and gym memberships.

IF YOU'RE CAUGHT SPEEDING, before getting waved down by the officer that was clocking you, slow down your vehicle and wave to him/her. Your odds of being pulled over are greatly reduced.

DON'T BE AN ASS, but remember that you never have to answer any questions that a police officer asks you if you have been brought in for questioning.

DIAL 0: at almost anytime during a phone call involving an automatic menu phone system. This will take you to an operator for assistance or to route your call. Another strategy involves hitting random buttons and may work as well.

SKIP VOICEMAIL: When forced to listen to somebody's voicemail message before leaving them one hit the * button, if that doesn't bypass the message try # or 1. It will allow you to skip the message and go straight to leaving a voicemail and saving you time.

CREDIT CARDS THAT DON'T WORK: If you have a worn out credit card or debit card that only works once in awhile or not at all you can use the plastic bag trick until you get a new one. Put the card in a plastic grocery bag and then swipe it through the card reader. Putting a piece of tape across the strip seems to work as well, the theory behind this seems to be in the plastic inducing an electrostatic charge and increasing the efficiency of the magnetic strip.

NIGHT VISION: Ever wake up during the night to go to the bathroom? If you don't want to completely loose your night vision, keep one eye closed.

ELIMINATE LATE MOVIE RENTAL FEES: If you've acquired movie rental late fees, call the rental place and tell them you lost the movies, they will then wipe all fees and put the cost of the movies on your account. Next, return the movie back telling them how you miraculously found it. They will then wipe the cost of the movie, and you now own nothing. This method can work with library books too.

BUY THINGS OUT OF SEASON: This can save you schwackload of money. Unless its food, then only buy it in season.

GIVING A PRESENTATION: When you're giving a presentation to a group of people, remember to take some water with you up to the podium. At any time if you find yourself drawing a blank, take a drink, this will allow you to re-gather your thoughts and nobody will be the wiser.

PEEL AN ORANGE: Gently roll the orange in your hands, this will loosen the peel from the fruit making it very easy to get the whole peel in one go.

PARK FOR FREE: If you get a ticket for forgetting to pay for parking, you can potentially get free parking without having to pay again in the same lot for a few more days (or at least for the remainder of that day) by keeping the ticket on your windshield.

TINFOIL AND PLASTIC WRAP BOXES: Most brands of tinfoil and plastic wrap boxes have tabs on both sides of the box. If you push these in, the roll will never fall out when you try to rip out a sheet of it.

WHICH SIDE IS THE GAS TANK ON: Next time you're in your car, of if you're driving a car you're not too familiar with, look at the little pump icon next to the gas gauge on your dashboard. You'll see either an arrow on one side, or a pump handle, this will indicate which side of the vehicle the gas tank is located on.

THE GOLDEN RULE OF COOKING: If all else fails, add bacon to it.

THE NEWEST MILK is always at the bottom of the shelf.