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Power Moves

Definition of a bitch-slap: performed when the person is being insubordinate and is used to assert one's authority

A power move is some kind of action that makes you feel more powerful than all others around you. It will instill a sense of smugness and make you feel superior to those around you. Power moves can be as subtle as a snapping your fingers at someone, or as harsh as your elbow in their in their face, where you go on this spectrum is purely up to you and the situation at hand.

Power moves can not only be something to lift your spirits, but also to put idiots that are around you in their place. They are often a necessary action that one must take for the greater good of society. Usually this involves somebody in the vacinity who's acting like a total douche, and you must take it upon yourself to either humiliate them, take their ego down a notch, or downright slap them into submission.

Here are some common power moves, although there are too many to list on this page:

  • completely hogging both arm rests in a movie theater seat
  • buying an expensive lunch for more than 5 people by slapping down your credit card and saying "don't worry about this, I got it"
  • when you bring in your own test tape/cd into the stereo shop to try out the systems
  • using words that nobody ever uses like "lexicon"
  • telling people very casualy that you know any "A-List" celebrity, chances are you can even get away with lying about this, but you'd better have a kickass story to back it up
  • bringing your own pool cue to the pool hall (you'd better be good)
  • ending any letter with "govern yourself accordingly"
  • driving the exact speed of the vehicle beside you so the asshole behind you can't pass
  • paying for something small like a coffee by pulling a $20 bill out of a semi-giant stack of large bills bound together by a money clip, don't make your stack too large though, or you'll either get robbed, or people will get the impression that you sell drugs for a living
  • a bitch slap of any kind to your superior at work
  • talking on your shoulder mounted walkie-talkie

So we say, make use of these and any other power moves you can think of, they make you feel great over those around you, and could even increase your chances of getting laid.