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Paint the room you spend the most time in

You may as well spice up the room you hang out the most in.

Especially if you’re renting some old shitty house or apartment, it’s a good idea to paint one room. Usually this is the living room, unless you hate your roommates, in which case it might be your bedroom. It might seem like a waste of time to you (it did to us the first time we did it), but it actually can elevate your mood and make a place feel like yours. Just one room though: painting is too onerous to do a whole place. Plus, your landlord will probably get pissed. Plus, it's kinda stupid to spend much time renovating a place you don't own.

If you're too lazy to paint, get posters. It doesn't even really matter which ones. The whole idea is to create contrast against your barren walls. Too many times we've avoided posters because we thought they were lame, but the truth is people don't even notice them as much as they notice that your walls are sad and naked. Having them will lift your spirits too.

Don't have any painting skills?

No problem, painting is REALLY easy to do, just go to your local hardware store, pick up some paint in the color you desire, painters tape, some primer (the first coat that goes under the paint), a couple of rollers and a couple of brushes

Simply tape up all of the baseboards, lay down some splatter clothes and start painting! Start with the edges using a paint brush, then do the rest with the rollers. You'll beging by doing a coat of primer, this helps the paint stick better to the wall. Do one coat of primer, and then two coats of paint.


  • wash your rollers before using them, you'll get rid of all of that fuzz
  • buy a GOOD paint brush, it's well worth spending as much as $20 on one of these
  • don't buy cheap paint, a decent quality paint will last longer and look better