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How to save Money

With the economy in the dumps everybody can use these tips to save money.

Constantly low on money to buy more liquor and pizza? Here are ten easy ways to save money without skimping:

Now, we've said before that a good haircut is worth paying a premium for. However we've found that there are plenty of places that give the same quality of cut that a premium salon gives. Try getting a haircut at a cheap walk-in place instead of the spa or salon you are used to. You can get your haircut more often and these places are used to doing high volume during the day and you can usually trust that they will be very familiar with men's cuts.

When you see your favorite brand-name deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. on sale, buy a few. These items don't go bad and eventually you will need more. If you run out and the essentials are not on sale, look online for manufacturer coupons; print and save.

Buy containers to store and freeze leftovers. Local dollar stores often sell the foil containers that you would get takeout in; these are perfect. When you make a meal put a portion aside for lunch or a future meal and freeze or refrigerate depending on when you plan to eat it. You will save time, waste less and eat out less often.

Meal plan based on what is on sale at the grocery store that week. If it is chicken, think of three or four different recipes that you can make so you won't get sick of it. The internet is a great resource for simple delicious recipes.

If you enjoy fine wine but don't enjoy paying restaurant prices for it, bring your own bottle with you. Although this varies from place to place, most establishments will allow you to bring a special bottle along with you and charge a "corkage" fee of $5-10, way less than a marked up bottle of wine.

Learn to make your own designer coffee. Most coffee houses sell what they brew. Next time you order your favorite drink watch how it is prepared, purchase the ingredients and make it yourself. A bottle of syrup will run you about $12, milk or soy $2-5 and coffee $6-12, from that you will be able to make 20 drinks for about $30.

house parties
Entertaining can be expensive, so have friends over for a potluck. You won't miss out on the social gathering and there will be less clean up at the end of the night when everybody takes their dishes home.

drinking out
Instead of meeting friends out for supper, go for happy-hour somewhere. Happy-hour specials are often 50% less than usual prices. You will be able to eat and drink more for less.

When buying from your favorite designer, hit the local shops to try on and take note of your size and the style. Go home and search online. Nine times out of ten you will be able to find the exact same jeans or jacket for half the cost, you may have to wait a week or two for it to arrive but it is worth the wait.

Clean out your closet. If it is in good condition and doesn't fit or you haven't worn it in six or more months get rid of it. Find a local consignment store to sell the item for you or donate it to an organization that will issue you a tax receipt.