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How to make small talk

It's one of the most important skills to have when meeting new women, here's a crash course.

Small talk is extremely important in meeting women. Here is the 9 step guide to making small talk in just about any environment.

  1. Assess your atmosphere: Pay attention to your atmosphere (e.g. supermarket, grocery aisle, drivers license office) and begin a conversation around it. However, be careful about making very personal remarks
  2. Remind yourself that if you start off by praising somebody, always be honest. People can tell the difference, and dishonesty will kill the conversation.
  3. Be generic: E.g.: "Do you know where I can find the(whatever it is)","Hey I like your shoes where did you get them?", "Why don't you go ahead of me, you have fewer items than I do."
  4. Ask "why did you prefer this brand over that?", "Is there another way to...?" Instead of "yes or no" questions ask them so that they have to answer and if they don't I wouldn't care some people are just stuck up heifers but others will be nicer.
  5. Don't stand too close or else they will retreat into their shell. Do not stand too far, otherwise they will think you are afraid of them, or not talking to them.
  6. Stand comfortably on both feet. Do not fidget. Look them in the eye when they speak or respond, though do not stare for more than a few seconds at a time, also remember to nod and shift your weight don't stand there like stone or that will kinda creep them out.
  7. Remember that small talk does not have to end at the topic it started at. Pick up clues from questions and answers and spin off of them."That is some good popcorn, are you watching the game tomorrow?" [Answer] "Yeah,GO TITANS,you don't happen to know a place they sell fan jerseys and all that do you?" "Did you see family guy last night?"
  8. Laugh at yourself, but do not be the clown, and do not burst into hysterical giggles. Also do not only talk about yourself or mope about your day,but don't be a happy barbie doll either.
  9. End the conversation with something nice. For example, 'it was nice speaking to you' or 'have a great day'.