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Get rid of Acne without medication

Who needs that store bought medication, and besides that's money that you could be spending on liquor!

People who have bad acne will try just about anything to get rid of it.  Well, we here at bachelorpedia have an actual cure!  It's cheap, involves no medicine or fancy store-bought remedies, and we personally know people that this has worked wonders for.

It's actually very simple, and it's something that almost nobody does:  wash or use a new pillowcase every night.  If you don't have enough pillowcases, or don't have time to was the same one every day, then simply drape a fresh towel over your pillow every night.  If you combine this with using a hyperalergenic pillow (i.e. made of foam that bacteria has a tough time living in), then you'll get rid of that acne even faster.

Now, we're not saying to not wash your face, as that's very important, in fact you should wash your face every night before bed regardless if you have acne or not.  But if you don't allow the bacteria that creates acne to grow and re-spread on your face, to breed on your pillow, then you'll be amazed at how fast the acne goes away.

Try it, there's almost zero cost, except for washing your pillowcases, and if you're lazy like we are, just go to Walmart and buy a dozen or two cheap pillow cases for a few bucks.