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These are the things that could make you the next dot-com bazillionaire, write this shit down!

Write down your ideas. You will forget them. We recommend getting a pack of 99-cent pens and a pack of cheap notepads. Strategically placing them around your place (bedside, bathroom, living room, kitchen, deck).

If you can't write them down, repeat them as a mantra until you get to someplace where you can. The mantra will calm you down.

Why write down your ideas? Cause you'll forget them. You'll be certain you won't and then it'll be gone, just like your youth. Think we're kidding? What did you have for breakfast yesterday? How about last week at this time? Also, use your smart phone, there are literally thousands of apps that you can download (often for free) to help you write down and organize your thoughts.

Look at all of the dot-com billionairs, they started their empires with a simple idea, then strategically grey them into working concepts and finally actual businesses. You're idea doesn't have to be a business or entrepreneurial at all, maybe it's a better and more efficient way to do a common task, or a way to save money.

No matter what your idea is, if it's a small one or something that could change all of mankind, write it down and organize your thoughts. At least you'll bring better order to your own life and be less scatter-brained.