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Why Microwaves Are Awesome

The most amazing invention of the century?

Let's face it, microwaves are awesome, stuff goes in cold and comes out hot in seconds to minutes. They make everyday life easier, and for a bachelor they are a must have. And in these modern times microwaves are becoming cooler every year, the newest models are giving consumers touch screens that allow them to surf the web and download recipes in an instant, not to mention more features than you can think of to help you cook your food faster and more accurately than ever before.

Microwaves have revolultionized the modern world, what else can can you use make a cake in a mug in a couple of minutes? So pay homage to your microwave, as without it you would have to put actual effort and time into cooking your own food, time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Here are some reasons why we are paying homage to the mighty microwave, a bachelors best friend:

  • a full bag of popcorn in less than two minutes, hell yes
  • you can use them as detinators for bombs
  • uses way less power than a coventional oven
  • can also act as a light over your oven and hood vent
  • you can both wash and dry your laundry in them if you really have to
  • they're cheap, if you break yours, you can pick up a small one for well under $100
  • it can fully replace a kettle, and works a lot faster