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Robot Vacuums

They're not sex robots, but they are robots none the less. And robots do work that we don't want to.

This isn’t a paid endorsement, but the $400 bucks we spent on our vacuum-cleaning robot is probably the best investment we’ve ever made. The high-end model includes a scheduler and will re-dock itself at its charging station when it’s done working. All you have to do is empty the dustbin a couple of times a week. Seriously. It’s nice to have, especially if you have free-range hamsters. We recommend Roombas from iRobot.

The scooba is another kickass robot made by iRobot, this one is for non-carpeted areas like hardwood flooring and tiles.  It's freiking amazing, as in one sweep in vacuums, sprays (a clorox solution or water and vinegar), sucks up everything and squeegies.  It can get the grout in our tiles cleaner than an intern with a toothbrush (though not as funny to watch).

These are the only two robot vacuums we are currently using, as there isn't too much out on the market, and iRobot is basically the only company out there making these things on a mass level.  But as new competition and products start appearing you can be sure that we'll try them out.