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Personal Lubricant

Give praise to this amazing substance that will improve all aspects of your life.

Ahhh lube, this magical stuff is standard in a bachelors bed side table. If you don't have any and you plan on bringing some ladies home go out and pick some up. Even the horniest women will probably opt for some during "coitis". Not to mention it does work great if you don't have anybody over if you know what I mean (hint: you only need to use one hand for this).

In fact, experts have come out with some statistics on this. Aparently 99.2% of girls prefer lube. We recommend AstroGlide and KY, in that order. We don’t recommend lotions or Vaseline. Complications can arise, and they’ll both of the latter will break down condoms. Don't use turnip grease or fruit wax either despite what the mens' mags tell you. We think it's best to let the chemists have their play when it comes to lube.

If you're in a real pinch, saliva will do, but we recommend having a bottle of the slippery stuff on hand, like we said, women prefer it nine out of ten times. Also avoid any of the flavored and scented stuff, they're straight up bad news.

Avoid any fertility lubricants, and opt for the spermacide ones so you don't have to go through a court ordered paterny test 9 months later. Water based lubricants are great, but they can dry out, they also make silicon based ones, but it all comes down to your personal preference.