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Apple computers

Get one of these and you'll not only have a sexy machine, but will never worry about all those problems with PCs.

If you’re contemplating which computer to buy next, pay up for a Mac, even if it’s just an entry-level model. We don’t care if the PC alternative is ¼ the price. Not. Worth. It. Macs are far superior, you'll have less overall headaches, and never have to worry about viruses or spyware.

Apple computers (macs) are extremely easy to use, have no known viruses (unlike windows), have just as much software out there as windows machines have, and unlike PC's, they're sexy machines.

Please keep in mind that by purchasing a Mac you will automatically feel superior to those around you who don't have one.  You will start smurking at your friends who are getting frustrated that their Windows PC is infested with viruses and spyware, and constantly crashing.  And for some reason you will have the need to tell all others how much better life is after switching to the cult of the Mac. Go forth and be born, son.

Here's a list of why you should buy a mac over a pc:

  • no viruses or spyware
  • long lasting value
  • they're sexy
  • you'll save money in the long run
  • more built-in tools and software (right out of the box)
  • faster than windows
  • more stable than windows
  • fantastic support and community