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Raw foods

Sure, pizza and wings are awesome, but eventually you'll want to eat better and start taking care of your body.

We're a little older now, and we've gotten into raw foods. The thinking is this: once food is heated past a certain temperature (the popular figure is 118F), naturally occurring digestive enzymes in natural foods start to be killed off. Think of natural foods as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Once these foods are cooked, your body is forced into using its finite reserve of digestive enzymes (rather than using the natural enzymes in the food). In a word, cooked foods are harder on the system. There are instances of people living in the harsh Siberian wilderness until 150, and their diets included mostly raw foods.

Now, there's not a lot of hard science behind this, and we’re not endorsing a raw food diet. But it does interest us, and we thought we’d pass it on. We’ve also noticed that we don’t use as much gum on the raw-food regiment: there’s not much in terms of bad aftertaste, or bad breath.

Raw foods also have the benfit that you don't have to cook them, they're ready to be eaten at any time. This is a huge plus if you're lazy like we are.