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Organic Food

It's not just for hippies these days, organic food is everywhere and there are benefits for premium food.

Yeah, it’s more expensive, but it really does taste better. We especially recommend bananas, watermelon and apricots. The popular thinking says that fruits without thick skins (like strawberries) are better to buy organic since take on more pesticide, but we’ll leave you to your own judgment on that one.

If you're not worried about pesticides, then by all means don't bother with organic fruits and veggies, as they all have the same nutrients whether they're organic or not, and are all basically the exact same thing.

There's also the idea that organic products just have more dirt on them, and we won't say that that's not been our experience in some instances.

Also, we only use what we call "happy chicken eggs" when we buy our eggs, it's true that we might end up looking like hippies, but they really do taste better.  They're basically eggs that come from free-run chickens that aren't stuck in a cage 24/7. Our thinking is that if we we're chickens that were locked up, we would plunk out really shitty eggs because we'd be pissed off all the time.  Where as if we were allowed to run around and do whatever the fuck we wanted to, our eggs would be freiking awesome and something to write home about.

But what's the number 1 reason to buy organic?  To impress a woman of course! Next time you have a girl over you can imress her with all the bs you now know about organic food, you'll have her eating out of your hand (no pun intended).