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A mans guide to cooking meat on the BBQ

Every man should know how to cook meat, especially over an open flame.

Every man should know how to cook meat, especially over an open flame, it's in our DNA. Here are some tips on various types of meat and popular dishes and how to cook them properly.


BBQing steak is more of a science than an art, there are various degrees of how well done a steak can be, and you don't have to cut one open to see if it's still pink or not. When uncooked if you sqeeze the steak it will feel soft and spongy, as it gets more cooked it will feel increasingly firmer and more solid from the outside in.

Here is a steak cooking chart:

Blue Rare 115°F Seared on the outside, completely red throughout
Rare 120°F Seared outside and still red 35% through the centre
Medium Rare 126°F Seared outside with 50% red centre
Medium 134°F Seared outside. 25% pink showing inside
Medium Well 150°F A slight hint of pink
Well Done 160°F Grilled until 100% brown



Cooking chicken isn't something that you should mess with, as it's been known to kill people when it's not fully cooked. This said there are proper ways to cook it so it doesn't get all dried out and bland. Chicken should be cooked to a core (center of the piece of meat) temperature of 165°F.

One of the most obvious things to make with chicken for the common bachelor is wings, however these are usually done in the oven, instead we're going to give you an easy way to make some kickass BBQ chicken that will blow away any kind of puny wings you may have made in the past.


Ahhhh pork, one of our favoritest meats around, you can do so much with this from slow cooking it to braising it on the BBQ. There's such a huge amount of food you can make with pork it's not even funny, but we're going to concentrate on two of our favorites, pulled pork and pork ribs.


Fish is one of the broadest topics around when it comes too cooking, as there are so many types of fish and ways to cook and prepare it. So we're going to concentrate on how to best cook it on the BBQ, which of course is the manliest way to cook fish. Since most fish can actually be served raw (sushi), if you have fresh, good quality fish and don't let it sit around outside of the fridge for a while you stand much less chance of killing the people you're cooking it for.

Here's an easy way to cook just about any fish you buy from the grocery store:

  1. make sure to buy an already de-boned fish, it makes everything easier, salmon, basa (whitefish), halibut and trout are all great ones to cook and eat. There are of course countless others.
  2. place the fish on one long strip of tinfoiil and add in some acid such as orange slices, lemon slices or lemon juice
  3. sprinkle on some spices such as orgegano or a combination of rosemary and thyme
  4. put another piece of tinfoil on top of the fish and fold the bottom piece over the top making kind of a tinfoil pocket that contains the fish
  5. stick it on the BBQ on medium high heat, and cook for approximately 20 minutes