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Top Geek Movies of all time

Not feeling nerdy enough? Get your fill with these classic geek movies.

The Social Network

The Social Network is Hollywood’s rendition of the story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. We're pretty sure that Zuckerberg probably didn't snort cocaine off some college girl's ass. However, he did hack into Harvards network and did some pretty dishonest things to his business partners when he created what is now the largest social network on the planet.


A film about a mathematical genius looking for pattern in nature and the meaning of life by using mathematics. To make this even nerdier, this genius actually built a super computer in his own home.

Short Circuit

Another great cult classic that many geeks will remember from their childhood, it's a story about a robot called Jonny 5that basically comes to life and displays real human emotions.


Another geek movie that now has cult status. The main character played by Matthew Broderick before he was known as Ferris Bueler is a hacker that somehow finds his way into a super computer owned by the US military. He ends up playing around with is and almost starts a nuclear war.

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

A docu-drams that portrays tech titans Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and tell the story of how they rose to power and the rivalry between them. This well done film also portrays Steve Wozniak and Steve Balmer.

Steal This Film

Another documentary that focuses on the organization in Sweden that controls the well known BitTorrent website "The Pirate Bay". The film includes interviews with various people who run the website and their thoughts on pirating and the laws around it.


A movie about cryptography, government espionage and of course computer and hacking. It also has a HUGE number of stars in it such as Robert Redford, Dan Aykroys, Ben Kingsley and Sidney Poitier.

The Matrix

One of the biggest movies of all time, The Matrix is a trilogy that follows the main character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) as he discovers what the "matrix" is and the truth behind the false world he's lived in his whole life.


A group of hardcore starwars fans go on a trip to George Lucas's home "Skywalker Ranch" and attempt to steal a copy of Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Johnny Mnemonic

A cyberpunk action thriller that takes place in the near future (2021), that actually looks a lot like the present. The main characters is played by Keanu Reeves and is basically a human flash drive, as he carries data implanted in a chip in his brain.

Revenge Of The Nerds

Another cult classic, this comedy took place in the 80's and showed the "Nerds" as your typical underdogs and how they got back at the people who bullied them.

Iron Man 2

Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, a bazillionaire genius who after being captured by some terrorists creates a kickass suite of armour and destroys all the douchebags that get in his way. The cool techy aspect to this story is that his character in the movie was based on some real-life people in the tech industry like Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle) and Elon Musk (founder of Tesla Space-X and PayPal).


A movie about computer hackers starring Angelina Jolie, back when she didn't have 19 kids. The storyline involved a young hacker getting banned from computers for childhood digital misdeeds (he crashed the New York Stock Exchange) who then uses his skills for good when he turns 18. Jolie plays the sexy love interest and fellow hacker, and she's looking hot with short hair.


Now a two-part series, Tron and Tron-Legacy follows a computer programmer portrayed by Jeff Bridges, and the computer generated world that he originally got sucked into, and later created and got trapped within. The first movie, although cutting edge at the time looks a bit cheesy watching it in the present, but still is entertaining. The more recent film is full of eye-candy and extremely well done, with a kickass soundtrack too.


Starring Kevin Spacey, this movie is based on real life people, and tell the story of how a bunch of college kids from MIT and their professor (played by Spacey) used their brains and the power of statistics and counting cards to cheat at blackjack in Vegas casinos.