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Smoking isn't for everybody, but if you need your fix snus can be a great alternative.

If you're addicted to tobacco, snus is a nice alternative. It's not available in all markets yet, but worth a try if you're looking for a discreet nicotine fix. It comes wrapped in white cheesecloth, and resembles a mini teabag. It doesn't require spitting like dip, and it tastes kind of salty. Its novelty makes it worth a try if it's available where you live.

Snus is popular in Sweden, as well as in Edmonton, Canada, which is the only Canadian market where it's sold. Snus is also a favourite habit of former Edmonton Oilers netminder Tommy Salo.

It comes as two main types, portioned and loose, the portioned being in small tea-bag like packages, and loose snus that is just as it sounds, not pre-packed at all.

Don't smoke snus, it's meant to be smoked, nor is it chewing tabacco, it's mean to be placed under the upper lip and basically sucked on.