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Smoke doobies in the living room

Smoke weed but need to mask the smell? There are methods you can use to deceive even the most sensitive nose.

One of the biggest problems with bachelordom is the smell: from your dirty laundry, dishes, filthy bathroom, etc. You can Febreeze all you want, but we’ve found that pot is actually the best mask for nasty odour. The pot musk is sort of earthy, and nothing like cigarettes. It will give a room a lived-in, down-home-bayou kinda feeling. You’ll notice that people will be less inclined to take their shoes off if you’ve got the pot smell too. Jury’s still out on whether this is good or not, but take it for what it is.

You can turn the smell around by adding more smells to the mix: pot smoke and spaghetti ("rustic Italian"), smoke and chocolate-chip cookies ("a bakery in Narnia"), and smoke and lemons ("buxom sex goddesses slaving over a hot sink").

If you rent your bachelor pad, and the landlord is anal about smoking up, then you can easily mask the smell by exhailing all of the smoke through an empty roll of toilet paper or paper towel that's stuffed with 1 or 2 bounce sheets (fabric softener sheets).  This will absorb most of the smell and will add in that "spring fresh" scent that you see in commercials.

Always have an ashtray handy, even if it's a make-shift one like an empty beer can or the belly button of a passed out hooker, combining pot-heads and fire can be a very deadly combination. Luckily for stoners, pot likes to be smoked, and usually if leave a doobie lying around, it will self extinguish unless it's constantly being smoked.