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They're a great way to pass the time with some friends and don't have to be limited to use with only tabacco

A shisha is a Mediterranean water pipe used to smoke a special kind of caramelized tobacco, also called shisha tobacco. Because it’s water-filtered, it’s less toxic than traditional cigarette smoking. There’s also a certain amount of ceremony involved in using one, and it’s great for gatherings.

If you’re a pot smoker, try layering the shisha tobacco with pot. You’ll find a few pinches of pot goes a long, long way. Smoking marijuana in this fashion also gives you more of a body high, and will make a little bud last over an hour. We recommend layering as follows, from the bottom: thin layer of tobacco, thick layer of pot, medium layer of tobacco, thin layer of pot, thick layer of tobacco, sprinkling of pot, sprinkling of tobacco. We’re not sure why this works, but this is a time-tested recipe. Use two coals for maximum efficiency. You’ll find you munch a little less smoking dope this way too. It is nice to have Gatorade or some such available though.