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The zen of drinking Alone

It's not just for desperate and lonely people, drinking alone can be awesome!

Ever come home from a hard day of work and want to down a few shots of something, to help you relax and take the edge off, but there's a little voice in your head telling you it's frowned upon? Well, we're here to tell you that not only is drinking alone perfectly acceptable, but as you consume more liquor, that voice will actually go away! Now we're not advocating that one should get shitfaced every day after work, but having a glass or two of something that could easily power a go-cart for 20 minutes shouldn't be something society shuns.

There is an art to drinking alone...

  • you can totally act like an ass and there's nobody to take embarrasing pictures
  • you don't end up wasting money on buying other people shots of liquor
  • you can listen to whatever music you want in your drunken state
  • clothes? who need them!
  • no need to cater to everybody's liquor tastes, you can drink whatever you want

Not frowned upon

Drinking in solitude should not be frowned upon, many great thinkers going back to the birth of recorded history have gotten many of their insights after a hard night of liquor. It could even be a single drink to cut the edge and relax you that could help you formulate your thoughts.

You're the bartender

When partaking in a drink experience in your living room, you're the bartender, this means that you're in charge and can drink whatever you're in the mood for. No need to slurp on the crappy wattered down special being served at the local pub, hell you can use a straw if you want. Get creative, try mixing up things you've never thought of, or alwasy wondered about. Try a drink that you've always wanted to have but we're too embarrased to try as it's thought of as "girly".

No bullshit

Because you're inside your own dwelling, you won't be forced to listen to anybody around you who's annoying, or any other bullshit that you are forced to put up with in public spaces. No loud and obnoxious douchebags or music that you don't like blasting through the loud speakers and into your slowly dieing ear drums.

100% avoidance of jail

If you choose to drink some rye at home which will almost certainly cause you to have rage, no need to worry about being hauled away by the police and future lawsuits because you broke somebody's eye socket. Instead you can feel free to cause any kind of damage you want to your own belongings and the next day when you feel regret after a hard night of boozing, you can do it in your own bed, and not by the toilet in a jail cell.