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Making your own liquor

We don't recommended you partake in this pastime unless you really know what you're doing.

Homemade liquor, also known as "moonshine", is something that people have done for centuries. It's true that you can save a buck by brewing your own booze at home, but it's also true that it's illegal in most countries, and that if done improperly you can die from it.

We don’t recommend this. It’s just not cost- or time-efficient. We’ve tried making beer, wine and spirits. The stuff you make at home can taste marginally better, but it takes a long time, a lot of labor, and the ingredients/equipment really aren’t that much cheaper than just buying liquor from the store. Save your time for reading Nietzsche and playing Grand Theft Auto.

It's probably more efficient time use to go and collect empty liquor bottles and cash them in to purchase a manufactured bottle of booze. If you are going to go ahead and create your own liquor, I would only recommend doing it if you're going to use it to power your car (i.e. ethanol).