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Light beer

This stuff isn't just for women.

Ahhh, light beer, it gives us visions of half naked tanned women frolicking on the beach in Mexico. Contrary to what a lot of guys out there say about it, and how it's not manly enough for them, we give light beer a thumbs up.

We like light beer for a few reasons:

1) it doesn’t give you that uncomfortable bloat at the end of the night because there’s a lot more water in it than regular beer, making it easier to digest
2) you can drink four million of them without getting slobbering drunk
3) it’s much more forgiving on your gut than regular beers: one night of hard drinking Guinness or some such and we’ve got the fat bloat for days. The same isn’t true with Coors Light (which is our favourite brand).
4) Little or no hangover. Seriously!

We know there are some dicks out there who’ll rib you for drinking light beer, but fuck them: they don't know shit, they're fat and gassy, and they’re total slobs. Drink up, bruva!