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Jagermeister (for colds)

It's tasty, potent, and can cure your cold?

In Germany, Jagermeister is still ingested as a digestif, sometimes humorously called Leberkleister ("liver glue"). A digestif is an alcoholic beverage that is taken just after a meal, purportedly as an aid to digestion - hence the name, which is borrowed from French. If a digestif is a bitters, it will contain bitter or carminative herbs that some believe will aid digestion. And no, Jagermeister doesn't contain elk blood like the urban myth states.

Jagermeister’s ingredients include 50 herbs, fruits and spices. It is a digestif spirit similar to other central European stomach bitters, such as Gammel Dansk from Denmark, Unicum from Hungary, and Becherovka from the Czech Republic. In contrast to these beverages, Jagermeister has a sweeter taste.

You may have heard before that it has health benefits that include helping to rid a common cold, and we agree that it’s true. Two shots of Jag will do more to help your cold than any over-the-counter medicine. It will almost immediately clear up any congestion, and is great for a minor cold.  We don't recommend it if you have a major cold as it can dry out your throat, which can be annoying if it's really irritaded causing you to cough more. The Jag sort of chases the sickness out of your body like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino chasing kids off his lawn. Another thing that works? Going for a jog.

Another reason to drink Jagermeister, it tastes phenomenal, kind of like black licorice (though not all people like how licorice tastes).  Many people prefer to drink it cold, so you can keep it at all times in your fridge if you want.  Drinking it cold would also help sooth a sore throat on the way down.