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Drinking Games

Increase the level on your fun-o-meter next time you have people over with these drinking games.

Here are some great drinking games to play next time you want to get loaded with friends


  • any number of players
  • best with 3-6 players
  • try to bounce a quarter off the table and into a glass
  • if you make it in, you get to choose who has to drink


  • played with a deck of cards
  • put an empty cup in the middle of the table
  • when each king card is pulled, whomever pulls a king pours their drink in the cup in the middle of the table
  • whomever pulls the last king in the deck has to drink whatever's been poured into the cup, it can be pretty nasty
  • otherwise when pulling any other card these rules apply:
    • 2 - two drinks to whomever you choose
    • 3 - you take three drinks
    • 4 - all the women take a drink
    • 5 - all players slap their hand on the table, last person to do so takes a drink
    • 6 - dicks - all the men take a drink
    • 7 - you become a thumb master meaning that at any point you can put your thumb on the table, then all players must put their thumb on the table, the last one to do so takes a drink
    • 8 - say something that you've never done, anybody who has done it has to take a drink
    • 9 - say a short sentence, the next player has to say a sentence that rhymes with yours, and so on until somebody can't come up with a rhyme, that person has to take a drink
    • 10 - choose a category, every player has to come up with something in this category, the first person who can't has to take a drink
    • jack - you get to create a rule, any time it's broken that person breaking it has to take a drink
    • queen - you become the question master until the next queen is pulled, with this role you may ask any player any question at any time, if that person answers it incorrectly they have to take a drink

Beer Pong

  • you need a pink pong ball and 12 glasses of beer
  • this is a team game
  • object of the game is to get a ping pong ball into a glass of beer, if you miss then you drink


  • card game
  • object of the game is to get rid of all your cards first
  • start by laying down the first card
  • every player in turn must lay down a card on top of the current card of equal or greater value
  • first person to get rid of their cards is president, then vice-president, etc.
  • the last person to get rid of all of their cards is the asshole, and second-last is vice asshole
  • all other players are neutral
  • the asshole has to take two drinks, vice-asshole takes one drink
  • there's no card swapping in this game like usual, just more drinking