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Do not put instant coffee in the coffeemaker

Instant coffee is awesome, but don't mess it up by putting it in a coffee maker

They are completely different, and putting instant coffee in your coffee maker will totally gunk it up. Simply put your instant coffee in hot water, and voila!

Instant coffee is already brewed and then dried which is why you just have to add hot water and it's ready to drink.
Ground coffee comes from raw roasted green coffee beans, then ground, it needs to be brewed. Quality wise, nothing beats fresh brewed. Not we're not saying that instant coffee sucks, because they convenience factor gives it some points. But freshly brewed coffee really is that much better.

On top of the mess you'd make, you’d be shocked at the "environmental damage" this can spur, especially if you’ve never done it before. We’re only mentioning it because it’s happened to us. Other things not to put in the coffeemaker: tea (NO!), fruit punch crystals, pancake mix, beer(really?)

If you are going to buy some instant coffee the best one we've come across in recent times is the VIA brand by StarBucks, it's actually really decent. They also make an iced version that you can dump some ice into after stirring it up with some cold water, add some flavored syrup into it and it's pretty damn good.